Taste Matters

Welcome customers, friends and foodies! Welcome to Taste Matters, Hong Kong's premier and exclusive online purveyor for Western groceries. We love food and excellent service. Taste Matters is best in class. We work nonstop to provide our customers with goodness challenging the status quo.

Taste Matters is completely online and Hong Kong's first and premier food & beverage boutique. We offer a wide selection for most basic daily grocery needs and combine it with an affordable range of handpicked premium food & beverage offers predominantly imported from Germany and Western Europe. We carry renown brands, cultivate partnerships with regional market leaders and farmers and source handpicked produce from the hidden champions of fine food & beverage. Supply chain partners moving our produce on land, by sea and air are experts in their own right and industry leaders. Everything we do is focus on product, service and quality throughout, providing our customers excellence, newness and most value for money. Taste Matters shopping and delivery service to home, office and anywhere in Hong Kong is designed to be appealing, and to function smooth and reliable. 24-hour hassle free and pleasant shopping from the comfort of your home or on the go. No parking, no check-out queues, no no-good service, no carrying of heavy shopping bags, no taxi, no traffic, no noise. Yet convenient, accommodating, exclusive and decently priced. A lot of goodness making grocery purchases pleasant and enjoyable.

Taste Matters product range is constantly evolving with new delicacies being added in the weeks and months ahead. With an emphasis to sharing we invite all customers to become part of our family. Should there be a product you miss from home, discovered on a trip, read about or have heard of, please be welcome to conveniently use our online product wish function referred to as 'Can't find what you are looking for?' Share what is missing and we shall endeavour to source your product or, at least suggest to you something equally palatable.

In short everyone having a taste for delicious Western food & beverage ranging from basics to gourmet, decently priced, include your product wishes, navigate in a pleasant shopping environment where product, customer and delivery service is best taken care of has found an accommodating home. Please be welcome to Taste Matters.

Life is good and we look forward to serving you, your family and friends with great food worth sharing.

Taste Matters