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Castelino Italian Sun Dried Tomatoes Marinated with Herbs - 212 ml

Sundried tomatoes, here with herbs in oil, are as Italian as it gets. Full of flavour, these nicely intense sundried tomatoes are a key ingredient in a range of Mediterranean dishes, salads and antipasti variations.

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Store in dark and dry place. Keep refrigerated after opening
Sun dried tomatoes, sunflower seed oil, white wine vinegar, capers, salt, spices, acidity corrector: citric acid, antioxidant: L-ascorbic acid
"Nutrition Information per 100 g

Energy kcal/kJ: 246/1030

Protein: 5 g

Fat: 13,7 g

Saturated fat: 2 g

Trans fat: 0 g

Carbohydrates: 22,8 g

Sugars: 17,1 g

Sodlum: 3,5 g"