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Geramont Cremic-Wuerzig (Creamy & Piquant) - 200 g

Small loafs are typical for this soft cheese. As widely known as the famous brie, camembert usually comes with a bit less fat and is just as loved as the brie with cheese platters, bread, red wine and hot meal recipies. A camembert with nutty flavours and savoury attitude.

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Keep refrigerated. Please see original packaging
pasteurized COW'S MILK, CREAM, cheese cultures, rennet, table salt.
Nutrition Information per 100 g

Energy kcal/kJ: 320/1325

Protein: 17 g

Fat: 28 g

Saturated fat: 20 g

Trans fat: 0 g

Carbohydrates: < 0,5 g

Sugars: < 0,5 g

Sodium: 1,2 g
Contains lactose (milk products)