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Saint Albray - 200 g

A rich cheese with high fat content, well balanced flavours and creamy attributes. A cheese that works beautifully with any cheese platter, red wine, and can be served with any bread meal of the day.

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Keep refrigerated. Please see original packaging
pasteurized COW'S MILK, cheese cultures, microbial rennet, table salt, colourant(1) carotene. (1) in the bark. May contain traces of sheep's milk
Nutrition Information per 100 g

Energy kcal/kJ: 365/1510

Protein: 17 g

Fat: 33 g

Saturated fat: 24 g

Trans fat: 0 g

Carbohydrates: < 0,5 g

Sugars: < 0,5 g

Sodium: 1,3 g
Contains lactose (milk products)